Optimum storage and serving temperatures

Liebherr's freestanding wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets offer tailored storage for the gastronomy sector. Depending on the model and the temperature setting, they can be used for long-term storage or for keeping wines at their ideal serving temperature. In addition, these visually captivating appliances are a stunning focal point in the dining area, naturally drawing attention.

Freestanding wine cabinets

Wine storage cabinets

Wine storage cabinets provide similar storage conditions to a wine cellar with a constant temperature and a humidity level of over 50 percent throughout the interior. This makes wine storage cabinets ideal for long-term storage and for maturing wine. Featuring flexible temperature setting between +5°C and +20°C, they can also be used to store a larger selection of wines at the perfect serving temperature. Wine storage cabinets

Multi-temperature wine cabinets

Depending on the model, multi-temperature wine cabinets utilise either different temperature zones or individually controlled wine safes to store a range of wines at their optimal serving temperatures. Red wine optimally unfolds its flavour between +16°C and +20°C, and white wine between +10°C and +12°C. On the other hand, sparkling wine and champagne taste best when chilled to between +5°C and +7°C. Multi-temperature wine cabinets