Glass Door or Solid Door Wine Cabinet: Which is better?

Finding yourself spoilt for choice when choosing a wine cabinet?

“Will I fully utilise a unit with such a large capacity?”

“Do I need to invest in one with multi-temperature zones?”

“Can my home accommodate that elegant built-in wine cabinet or should I get the freestanding one for flexibility?”

With such a vast array of options available in the market, we know how overwhelming this can get! Let Liebherr help you narrow down your choices by addressing one of the commonly asked factors: “Glass door or solid door?”

When To Choose A Glass Door Wine Cabinet

A good-sized glass door wine cabinet can display close to 200 wine bottles or more. This is great for restaurant owners who want to attract customers with their wide selection of wine or wine collectors looking to show off their prized collection.

Liebherr glass door wine cabinets are well-equipped with features such as:

  • Multi-temperature zones which can be individually controlled, allowing you to store reds, whites, and bubblies each at their ideal serving temperatures.
  • Insulated glass door which reduces heat transfer and reflects damaging UV radiation, hence protecting your wines.
  • LED lights, with minimal heat generation in each wine compartment, which evenly illuminates the entire interior.
  • Presentation shelves (on selected models) so that wine bottles can be displayed at an angle whereby the wine labels are clearly visible.

When to choose a solid door wine cabinet

A solid door wine cabinet mimics the conditions of an underground wine cellar. With a solid door, it creates a dark, undisturbed environment with zero exposure to UV light and heat fluctuations – perfect for maturing wines. If you are positioning your wine cabinet near a window or outdoors, a solid door unit is also recommended to avoid problems related to condensation.

Liebherr solid door cabinets are ideal if you require:

  • Constant temperature as the ideal temperature to age wines is 12°C.
  • Constant humidity level of above 60% as corks need to stay moist. If the cork dries out and turns brittle, air will seep into the bottle and damage your wine.

Advantages of a glass door wine cabinet

  • More aesthetically pleasing, be it a standalone unit or a combination of 3 or more units to create an impressive interior design.
  • Clear display of wine labels in restaurants to encourage purchase.
  • Comes with more features such as multi-temperature zones that allow storage of different types of wine.
  • Can be easily integrated into any environment – work, home, or commercial setting – with either a stainless steel or black frame.
  • Wider variety to choose from – from compact, undercounter units that can be built seamlessly into your cabinetry to large capacity models that can hold hundreds of wine bottles.

Advantages of a solid door wine cabinet

  • Ideal for long term storage and maturing of fine wines, perfect for wine collectors.
  • Lower risk of condensation, making it easier to maintain your wine cabinet in hot and humid climates such as Singapore.
  • More energy efficient as less electricity is required to maintain a constant temperature within the interior as compared to a glass door model.
  • Ensures a constant temperature within the wine cabinet as a solid door prevents temperature fluctuations from high ambient temperatures.

Examples of Liebherr glass door models

  • WTes 5872 and WTes 5972: One of our best-sellers! Multi-temperature wine cabinets with dimmable LED lighting in every individual compartment. Comes with telescopic rails for easy access to wine bottles. Equipped with our innovative SoftSystem technology to ensure that the door closes gently without causing any sudden vibrations that could damage your fine wines.
  • UWTes 1672: An undercounter stainless steel model that can be installed under an island counter or in any kitchen cabinetry. Great for homes and workspaces.
  • WKEes 553: A compact wine cabinet that seamless integrates into your cabinetry, next to other built-in appliances. An ideal choice for any modern kitchen.

Examples of Liebherr solid door models

  • WKt 6451: Holds up to 312 Bordeaux bottles, making it one of the largest wine cabinets in the market. For serious wine collectors with a huge range of wine bottles to mature.
  • Wkb 4611: Ideal for new wine lovers looking to replace their existing mid-sized wine cabinet and grow their wine collection.