Liebherr Side-by-Side refrigerators: When two appliances become one

When entering an appliance showroom faced with so many stainless steel side by side refrigerator options, one can be forgiven for naively thinking, ‘aren’t they all the same’? On face value, the majority are manufactured with stainless steel type 403, used for high corrosion resistance producing a beautiful quality finish. Often though, this can be where the similarities end – and when it comes to Liebherr side by side refrigerators, it’s the case.

Benefits of a Liebherr side-by-side refrigerator

Firstly, unlike most side by sides, Liebherr side-by-sides are made up of two individual appliances. This is beneficial for several reasons:

Transport: They are much easier to transport than a standard side by side, because it is in fact two individual appliances. Manoeuvring around tight corners, carrying upstairs or simply getting them through an entry way can be achieved with ease. Unlike trying to carry a single side by side appliance which can be extremely bulky and heavy.

Flexibility: You can mix and match the individual appliances to create the perfect combination for your home. More fridge, less freezer? Or less fridge, more freezer? Wine storage? BioFresh? Create your ultimate side by side combination.

Independent cooling: Because they are separate units each appliance has its own compressor, cooling circuit and electrical connection (wall plug) – they are completely independent. In the unlikely event, a problem should arise with the fridge for example, the freezer would continue to operate as per normal or vice versa.

No transfer of odours: As Liebherr side by sides are separate appliances, this means that strong odours will not transfer between each appliance.

When two appliances become the one refrigerator

Assembling the two appliances to create one sophisticated side by side refrigerator is made simple with fascia strips and various fixing points. An Instruction Manual accompany the appliances, offering guidance in installation.

Key Side-by-Side refrigerator features

Opening the doors with ease due to the integrated door opening mechanisms, you automatically feel an overwhelming sense of luxury. With features such as Liebherr’s unique BioFresh, SuperCool and SuperFrost functions, LED lighting, SoftSystem door opening, SmartSteel doors and internal IceMakers, the Liebherr side by side refrigerators are bursting at the seams.