SuperCool and SuperFrost technology counteract rising temperatures in your refrigerator

Whatever schedule you adhere to, whether it be daily, weekly, fortnightly or perhaps even longer, we all end up at the grocery store each week. For some, a trip to the grocery store is ‘me’ time, time away from the kids while leisurely strolling the aisles. For others it is perhaps a dreaded chore, picking up anything and everything that they may eventually use in a meal. Irrespective of our shopping patterns, there is one thing that we all do when we return home. We open the car boot and load up our arms full of the food just purchased. Next, we fling open our fridge and freezer doors, leaving them wide open while we rejig the current content, then sort through the new. Whilst, this is happening our previously cooled and frozen foods are being affected by the warm air and the rising temperature. Liebherr acknowledge these daily activities by offering the SuperCool and SuperFrost technology to counteract these rising temperatures.

How does the SuperCool and SuperFrost system work?

Introduced to many of their refrigerator and freezer models, this technology reduces the internal temperature to +2°C and -32°C respectively, returning to normal programmed operation after a set amount of time. When activated prior to grocery shopping, this will assist in cooling the new food more rapidly, counteracting excessive temperature rises from items already in the freezer while the door is left open, as well as any temperature transfer from warmer items that have been added from the recent grocery shop.

Whilst, this may not seem too important in the big picture, Liebherr’s unique and efficient SuperFrost and SuperCool technology will help create a more comfortable environment for your foods, and most importantly help reduce the amount of food waste by food not prematurely spoiling.