5 things about tropicalized fridges and freezers

What comes to mind when tropicalized is mentioned? You probably know that it’s made for tropical countries to suit the tropical climate conditions. You are right! But there’s more to that. We have features that make our tropicalized fridges and freezers the best buy and addition to your dream kitchen.

Tropicalized fridges and freezers are specially re-engineered units that synergy the understanding of external and internal factors considered here in the Asia Pacific region. We provide the perfect solution for food storage and freshness for almost every customer wherever you are in the world.

1. Condensation-free. Liebherr tropicalized fridges and freezers have enhanced insulation capabilities that is built to endure the high ambient temperature and high relative humidity in tropical countries here in Asia Pacific. The temperature difference between the appliance interior and the external environment with high surrounding humidity can give rise to condensation.

Liebherr tropicalized units counteract this effect by using anti-condensation loop: feeding some of the heat extracted from the interior to designated areas, including the front-frame and two side panel heaters which prevent condensation around the door seal. This process is highly efficient as not additional energy is used; in addition, it also prevents formation of mould and fungi.

2. Superior compressor. With the use of VCC also known as Variable Capacity Compressor, tropicalized units are known to be energy efficient compared to conventional compressors. This allows the fridge and freezers to perform even under extreme ambient temperature. Bringing together sophistication, convenience and the latest refrigeration technology, Liebherr appliances deliver professional-quality performance.

3. Durable materials. When developing and producing appliances we pride ourselves to using ecologically friendly materials and components of the highest quality. We make sure that upon completion of the appliances, they can withstand harsh environments. All plastic components are labelled for trouble-free recycling. During the production of Liebherr appliances, an additional transparent plastic layer is applied to the door interiors that makes the surface easier to clean and more resistant to wear. The magnetic core in the units seals ensure that the doors close securely and remain tightly closed, preventing temperature loss. All metal sheets are finished with environment-friendly powder coatings, which do not damage the environment, and is great to prevent rusting under tropical conditions. Rest assured each Liebherr appliance that leaves our production sites must undergo a final quality inspection.

4. High performance and energy-efficient units. Energy efficiency is a priority at Liebherr, influencing everything we do from the earliest design phase on. We develop new and innovative solutions that provide longer-lasting freshness, greater user friendliness and enhanced energy efficiency. Some of the advances in technology that we have attained is that tropicalized units are able to maintain the highest set temperature despite frequent opening. This is due to the quick defrosting cycle that the units are able to perform well even when there’s a difference in temperature from the inside and outside fridge environment. In addition, to help decrease in energy consumption, an innovation called VIP or Vacuum Insulation Panel is applied to all compartment doors. This also helps maximise the storage capacity of your Liebherr appliance without compromising energy efficiency. After all, it’s our goal to guarantee the best freshness quality available for food. Innovative ideas, elegant design and energy efficient are paramount to all that we do.

5. Consumer behaviour. Due to climatic conditions, units in Asia Pacific region are generally packed with foods and other perishable goods. This further affects and restricts the airflow inside the unit. Well fret not, because of the powerful fan performance of tropicalized units – air circulation inside creates temperature layering which causes the air temperature to even out, keeping your foods fresh to the crisp!

We guarantee you that purchasing the Liebherr tropicalized fridges and freezers range is the best choice you will ever make. We will always be here to guide, assist and back you up along the way. Applying only the best of German engineering to cater to our Asia Pacific market.