Refrigerators and freezers for hotel and catering

Liebherr appliances provide exceptional refrigeration and freezing performance, and offer a generous amount of space-efficient storage. The refrigerators and freezers store fresh food and ready-to-be-served dishes in a clearly arranged and easily accessible manner. The fronts, compartments and containers are all designed so that they are easy-to-clean: a highly important consideration for bars, bistros and restaurants.

Hotel and catering


Liebherr refrigerators are perfect for coping with the extreme demands of the hotel and gastronomy sectors. They are specially designed for intensive professional use, being robust and reliable thanks to the high-quality materials used in their manufacture. Their seamless interior containers are easy-to-clean and facilitate spotless hygiene, and their advanced control systems and high-performance components ensure optimum refrigeration and freezing performance and low energy consumption. Refrigerators


Liebherr freezers meet the highest standards in terms of commercial use: large net capacity, reliable, durable and easy-to-clean. Their sophisticated control systems and high-performance, environmentally friendly coolants guarantee perfect freezing conditions and safe storage for food. And, demand-controlled hot-gas defrosting significantly reduces the defrosting time, lowering the energy consumption. Freezers

Wine cabinets

Liebherr's premium-quality wine cabinets are perfect for the hotel and gastronomy sectors. The cabinets exquisitely showcase the wine collection and provide a practical solution for storing wines long-term or for maintaining fine wines at their ideal serving temperature. With a comprehensive range of wine storage cabinets, multi-temperature wine cabinets and top-of-the-range Vinidor appliances, Liebherr has the perfect wine cabinet whatever your particular needs. Wine cabinets


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Quality assurance

To meet our high quality requirements, every stage of production at Liebherr is subject to meticulous quality control procedures. Quality management


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