Foodservice Industry

German engineered appliances from Liebherr provide exceptional refrigeration and freezing performance. Designed with efficiency and ergonomics in mind, our refrigerators and freezers offer a generous amount of space, allowing you to store fresh food and ready-to-serve dishes in a well arranged, easily accessible manner. The fronts, compartments and containers are all designed for easy cleaning. Ideal for bars, bistros and restaurants.

Equipment for the Foodservice Industry

Under-Worktop Appliances

Liebherr under-worktop appliances can be optimally integrated into their designated environment, making them a fantastically space-saving solution. To the under-worktop appliances


Our freezers offer precise, consistent temperatures for your food products. You can rest assured knowing that they are safely stored. To the freezers


Store your food at optimum temperature and get it noticed in a Liebherr refrigerator. To the refrigerators