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Complete your Monolith collection with our new wine columns

Introducing the latest addition in the Liebherr Monolith column series for wine preservation. Available in two or three zone cooling, allowing your wine collection to be showcased and accessible whenever you need.

Key Features


Monolith’s integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow throughout the space. This feature includes a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors and the lighting can be fine-tuned according to your personal taste. InfinityLight LED technology emits less heat and is more efficient than traditional lighting, preserving both your wines and the environment.

Customized Labeling

Keep your wine collections organized and label your collection with ease. Located on each wine shelf trim, erasable labels allow you to identify and customize your wine collection, making sure each bottle is right where you want it.

FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter

Your wine collections deserve the best air quality. Monolith’s FreshAir filter features one charcoal filter in each compartment to preserve and protect your treasured wines. Incoming air is purified while damaging odors are filtered out to prevent contamination.


Doors close gently every time thanks to Monolith’s SoftSystem technology, protecting wine bottles and eliminating slamming for a premium experience. This integrated technology allows doors to close effortlessly and quietly, bringing a bit of relaxation into every glass poured.


Control every function of your wine column effortlessly with Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel. Featuring a full-color 3.5 inch touch & swipe screen, that’s bright and easy to read, this wonderful user-friendly feature displays up to three temperatures for multiple-zone wine columns.


To protect wines from high temperature fluctuations, Monolith wine columns utilize two temperature sensors in each compartment to help maintain precise temperatures – a feature unique to Liebherr. If the sensors detect a critical temperature change, an alert is sent, notifying you immediately to help preserve your wines and keep them safe from overheating and undercooling.

Flexible Shelves on Telescopic Rails

Monolith’s flexible shelves allow for custom configurations to hold larger wine and champagne bottles. With flexible shelving, Monolith wine columns can comfortably fit all the bottles in your collection, helping you get the most out of your cooler and your wines.


The unique design of the Monolith wine column features a board that can be pulled out as a temporary shelf to hold bottles while organizing and adding to your wine collection. Serve yourself, or your guests, with ease, while keeping your wines right where they belong.

Monolith Wine Columns

18" Wine Cabinet

Preserve your wine with a touch of personality. With two temperature zones and customizable options, the 18’’ Monolith Wine Column will open the door to the best stories: The bottle you are saving for your anniversary, that exclusive collection from your favorite region, and the many stories yet to come.

24" Wine Cabinet

If you are looking for something extra like three temperature zones, this is the right option. Our 24’’ Monolith Wine Column will provide enough room for you to preserve all your favorite collections and favorite memories.

Fully developed for the enjoyment of wine.

Liebherr knows that little things like temperature make all the difference, especially when it comes to wine preservation. That’s why, for decades, we’ve worked endlessly to carefully craft premium cooling and storage solutions that put quality, convenience and attention to detail at the forefront. With specially developed features that push the limits of innovation and design, our storage solutions don’t just preserve your wine—they preserve your style, too.

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