Thinking Green

At Liebherr, energy efficiency is part of our DNA. We put environmental-friendliness at the center of everything we do.

For a refrigerator or freezer to be considered particularly energy efficient, it must offer high performance with relatively little energy consumption without compromising convenience.

Liebherr is committed to finding greener ways to produce quality, sustainable products. Energy efficiency is at the core of our ActiveGreen® commitment, which is reflected in every aspect of our design and manufacturing process.

In 2007, Liebherr became the first refrigeration manufacturer to meet RoHS compliance worldwide.

We are accountable: All Liebherr production sites are certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001 and to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Liebherr has an established history of responsible production initiatives with the goal of having the least damaging effect on the environment. We are continuously working to significantly decrease the use of chemicals, solvents and energy consumption.

An industry trailblazer in green manufacturing, Liebherr Appliances utilizes progressive practices such as recovering and reutilizing energy to heat buildings, using 100% recycable packaging, and using purified water to ensure that production is pollution free.

Liebherr was the first European manufacturer to convert our entire range of appliances to HCFC / CFC - free refrigerants. The natural R600a refrigeration gas is environmentally friendly, and works in conjunction with high-efficient compressors, resulting in low energy consumption and reduced energy costs.

Our commitment to energy-efficient appliances is reflected by the US environmental mark, the ENERGY STAR®. All of our appliances sold in the United States meet and, in most cases, exceed the requirements of ENERGY STAR®.

Liebherr refrigerators help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions in an effort to reduce damaging effects on the environment, as well as to help consumers conserve energy and reduce energy costs.


All Liebherr refrigerators and freezers meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Choosing a Liebherr helps you play a part in a sustainable future for our planet, while also saving you money. See Liebherr on

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