SmartDevice: Your entry into the Smart Home

What you need: a SmartDevice-compatible fridge or freezer, the SmartDeviceBox and the associated free app.

SmartDevice app

Download the SmartDevice app. The free app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. All the features are clearly arranged and their operation is intuitive and extremely easy.

SmartDevice works with...

Amazon Alexa – for Smart Home newcomers

Activate functions via Alexa.

Want to have a spontaneous party? Just tell Alexa “It’s party time”. While you devote your full attention to your guests, Liebherr takes care of the rest for you: SuperCool, SuperFrost and the BottleTimer are activated and your freshly stored beverages will cool down in an instant. Your party can begin!

Of course, you can also control all the other functions on your device via Alexa.

IFTTT – for advanced Smart Home users

Connect up your apps and devices.

It’s Saturday again, time for your weekly shop, and the shopping trolley is full to the brim. Now you need to get the fresh food back home quickly. Your fridge has already been thinking for you: while you were in the supermarket, your Liebherr automatically activated the SuperCool function in order to quickly cool down the produce from your big shopping trip when you return.

This is just one of the many functions that you can use with SmartDevice and IFTTT.

CONRAD CONNECT – for Smart Home enthusiasts

Connect your devices and apps across manufacturer boundaries.

The sun is shining, the barbecue has been started – what else is needed? Obviously, cold drinks. But in future, you won’t have to think about that any more. As soon as your smart thermometer displays over 30 degrees, the fridge temperature will automatically drop by 2°C.

So, as you can see, Conrad Connect and SmartDevice offer numerous possibilities for integrating your fridge or freezer into your Smart Home.

Technology that makes your everyday life easier

SmartDevice is your entry ticket into the Smart Home by Liebherr. What you need: a fridge or freezer with a SmartDevice function, the SmartDeviceBox and the associated app. Using the SmartDevice app, you can control your fridge or freezer directly from your smartphone or tablet – conveniently and from anywhere in the world. Status messages - for example if a door has been left open - are also sent directly to your smartphone as push messages.

In addition, our wide partner network, such as Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Conrad Connect, provides you with seamless integration into your Smart Home. We continually check and expand our partner network so that you will always be able to use the latest services and functions. For example: you have a Philips Hue, and you use your smart lighting system to remind yourself that the BottleTimer in your fridge-freezer is finished and you should now remove the optimally cooled bottles from the freezer compartment. Burst bottles are now a thing of the past. SmartDevice – for more convenience in your everyday life.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Smart Home integration

• Extensive functions via partner network

• Location-independent device control

• Check the device status in real time

• Notifications of status and alarm messages

SmartDevice SMART

Connected in a flash

To install the SmartDeviceBox, simply open the panel behind the appliance door, insert the box into the opening provided and then follow the instructions on the screen or the control system of your fridge or freezer.

Download the SmartDevice app. There, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions. The free app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Do you have any questions about the SmartDeviceBox?Youcan find frequently asked questions about this topic here.

We take data protection very seriously

For this reason, we have not just chosen any old software partner. Microsoft, as the first leading provider of cloud services, is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27018, which regulates data protection, and uses AES-256 – the same encryption technology employed in the banking sector. We manage our users’ personal data exclusively via servers in our own data centre in Germany. This offers you maximum security in accordance with the high German and European data protection standards. More certifications than any other Cloud provider.