Built-in wine cabinets

Number of Bordeaux bottles 0.75l

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EWT 9175 Built-in wine chiller cabinet

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Aperture height 213 cm
  • Net capacity, total 232 l
  • Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles 75
  • door assembly door-on-door
  • Connectable (SmartDevice-capable)
  • Temperature zones 2
  • German Engineering

    Our superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and innovative features that best fit your lifestyle. The use of high quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes, and elite cooling components are combined with the latest production processes, resulting in an outstanding cooling product.

  • SuperQuiet

    Noise levels are kept to a minimum thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled, and sound absorbing compressors. Alongside a low noise cooling circuit, these features ensure exact performance, energy efficiency, and SuperQuiet operation.

  • InfinitySwipe

    Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-color 2.4-inch touch & swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly. You’ll barely have to lift a finger to control every function.

  • InfinityLight

    Monolith’s seamlessly integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow that can be adjusted according to taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors, and a pleasing night dimming feature. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality.

  • SoftSystem

    Doors close automatically and gently thanks to our SoftSystem technology, which eliminates slamming even when shelves are fully loaded. Depending on which size Monolith you choose, the door hinges are rated for up to 79 pounds.

  • PowerCooling

    Liebherr’s high-performance PowerCooling system ensures that newly stored foods are quickly cooled, while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior. Taking this system one step further, Monolith circulates cold air behind the door, meaning that items stored in the door stay just as cold as everything else inside.

EWTgb 2383 Built-in wine cabinet

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Aperture height 122 cm
  • Net capacity, total 169 l
  • Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles 51
  • Individual temperature zones 2
  • door assembly flush
  • Connectable (SmartDevice-capable)
  • Temperature zones 2
  • Silent appliances are extremely quiet due to their design and low-noise components. They are currently the quietest members of their product group.

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