Improved convenience, security and service – get future-ready with our SmartDevice

An intelligent refrigerator: your BluPerformance appliance will send notification direct to your smartphone, if its door has been left open or if there has been a power failure. In other words, if your refrigerator or freezer signals an alarm, you will immediately find out so that you can quickly take action.

You can get things done quickly and simply with the SmartDevice-Box as it allows you to easily adjust your appliance settings from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. This can save you a lot of time and offers outstanding convenience.

These are the benefits for you:


  • Communicate with your refrigerator or freezer at any time and from any place, even whilst you're out and about
  • Conveniently check your appliance's status online
  • Adjust settings quickly and easily whilst on the go


  • Securely transmit messages by e-mail or to your customer portal
  • Securely manage your data via Liebherr's own internal servers


  • Enjoy quick servicing assistance from our Liebherr experts
  • Intelligent reminder function direct to your smartphone

Want to get networked and enjoy the many advantages of our new SmartDevice technology?

Here Discover more about future refrigeration and freezing technology.


You too can benefit from the many advantages offered by the new generation BluPerformance appliances – a whole new dimension in freshness.