The Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 regulates the bringing to market and use of biocidal products and treated articles. The following differentiation is made between ‘biocidal products’ and ‘treated articles’.

Biocidal products contain at least one actively biocidal substance and they are designed to destroy harmful organisms, such as bacteria or fungi. The regulation stipulates which products are authorised for specific applications. Non-authorised products must not be used or made available on the market unless approval has been applied for and granted. An example of a biocidal product is a wood preservative.

Treated articles are mixtures or articles that have been treated with, or that intentionally incorporate, one or more biocidal products, with the aim of protecting and preserving the articles themselves. Treated articles can only be made available on the market in the EU if they have been treated with biocidal products authorised in the EU. An example of a treated article is a fence panel painted with wood preservative for protection.

Articles are subject to mandatory labelling if

  • reference is made to product properties that result from biocidal treatment and/or
  • the approval for the actively biocidal substance stipulates a need for labelling

Liebherr Domestic Appliances does not currently need to provide any information concerning the use of biocides.