More cleanliness, less effort

Refrigerator compartments, drawers and shelving should all be regularly and thoroughly cleaned because, even at low temperatures, micro-organisms can multiply. To make life easier for you, we make sure that our appliances are easy-to-clean.

How Liebherr makes cleaning and product care easier

SmartSteel: Design meets functionality

Appliances with a SmartSteel front offer more than elegant design - this special finish significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints, and makes the front more scratch resistant and especially easy-to-clean.

NoFrost: Professional quality refrigeration

Ice accumulation in the freezer compartment requires regular defrosting and increases energy consumption, so Liebherr uses professional refrigeration technology that stops the freezer compartment and food from frosting over. With NoFrost, chilled circulating air freezes the food and humidity is expelled, which means that no ice forms and you never have to defrost the appliance.

SafetyGlass: durable and easy-to-clean

Smooth surfaces without sharp edges can be cleaned easily, quickly and safely. All Liebherr shelves are made from our superb-quality SafetyGlass, which is extremely robust, as well as being shatterproof and scratch resistant.

Shelving and drawers: easy-to-remove

To make our refrigerators and freezers easier to clean, all of our appliances come with easy-to-remove shelving and drawers.


Award-winning design: the finishes and contours of Liebherr appliances offer timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Design editions

Good reasons

There are plenty of good reasons to choose Liebherr: proven quality, long-lasting freshness for stored food, and superb energy efficiency. Why choose Liebherr?