Decorative finishes and LEDs for refrigerators and freezers

In Lienz (Austria), Liebherr produces refrigerators and freezers for both households and the commercial sector.

In Lienz (Austria), Liebherr produces refrigerators and freezers for both households and the commercial sector.

From glass door frames, to handles, to interior containers: we can adapt the colour of all commercial appliance components to your branding.

A high-quality, uniquely individual design is perfect for showcasing products. Therefore, if required, we will customise your appliance according your own specific decorative finish, and use striking LED lighting to its full effect.

For all orders, small or large, we use state-of-the-art printing technology to design appliances in line with customer specifications. We currently offer the following possibilities for adding your own stamp to our appliances.

Decorative finishes and printing technology

Depending on the quantity and on the image, the supplier prints the required design onto a suitable sticker using either silk-screen or digital printing, and this is then manually stuck onto the appliance at Liebherr.

With direct silk-screen printing the design is printed directly onto the coated, pre-formed base material, e.g. door panels or side walls. This print technology can be used for both simple and monochrome images.

As with printing PVC stickers, the decoration of appliances using dye sublimation is performed in collaboration with our suppliers. The supplier creates a sublimation paper using digital printing and uses this to transfer the design onto specially-coated steel sheet, under conditions of heat and pressure. This process gives the print a particularly high-end finish and also makes the design more scratch resistant.

Glass door design and display printing

The stickers, with the individually designed images, are stuck directly onto the glass door. Stickers are also available as non-permanent stickers, which can be removed at any time without leaving any visible trace.

The required motif is engraved on the inside of the glass pane. Energy-efficient LEDs, which are integrated into the door, effectively illuminate this branding motif to provide a harmonious overall appearance. Lenticular sheets make it possible to achieve 3D effects with this technique. This process is suitable for appliances in the FKv 50 and FKv 30 ranges.

Branded stickers look even more impressive on backlit displays.

Production in Lienz

Liebherr produces around 2.2 million refrigerators and freezers every year, making it a market leader in Europe. Almost a quarter of these appliances are manufactured in Lienz (Austria). Lienz site