Security assurance during everyday work

Liebherr laboratory appliances are characterised by optimum temperature reliability thanks to innovative technologies and control systems. However, optimum storage conditions alone are not enough to guarantee safe storage. People use these appliances during everyday lab work, so they have to function within the framework of normal working processes and routines. Operating errors and unforeseeable circumstances naturally occasionally arise, and therefore, Liebherr considers preventative and reactive measures when developing these appliances.

Liebherr laboratory appliances offer innovative refrigeration technologies and benefit from useful security features and safeguards that give assurance in everyday working life.

Why Liebherr laboratory appliances are safe

Our laboratory appliances are designed in accordance with standard EN 60068-3 to offer maximum temperature stability and temperature consistency. Constant interior temperatures are maintained by the forced-air cooling system and by optimum airflow within the interior.

During everyday laboratory life, frequently opening appliance doors, or leaving them open for too long, will lead to temperature fluctuations that have to be compensated for – or ideally, avoided in the first place. Liebherr appliances come with self-closing doors and, in the event of significant temperature deviation, the appliance immediately triggers acoustic and visual alarms.

In research and laboratory environments, the highest hygiene standards have to be met, and this means that the appliances have to be regularly cleaned, and therefore be resistant to the stresses associated with abrasion and chemical agents. Easy-to-remove shelves and smooth, seam-free interior surfaces make Liebherr appliances easy-to-clean. Recessed seals prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. The floor beneath appliances can be easily accessed and thoroughly cleaned thanks to smooth-running castors on the appliances' undersides.

Made from only premium-quality, tried-and-tested materials, our laboratory appliances are particularly strong and durable, and feature a scratch, impact and corrosion-resistant coating. The plastic-coated grid shelves aptly fulfil hygiene requirements and are particularly robust. We manufacture our mechanical parts such as door handles, hinges and locks to function efficiently and without problem for many years, even when frequently used.

Robust locks, installed as standard, prevent unauthorised access. Furthermore, to only provide access to certain people, some appliances can be fitted with optionally available additional lock barrels.

Liebherr offers special refrigerators and freezers for storing flammable materials. The spark-free interior meets the requirements for Class I, Division 2.

Even the highest quality, strictest safety procedures are unable to completely prevent defects occurring. Our refrigerators with Comfort electronic controls therefore come with an additional safety thermostat, which assumes control in the event of a fault and prevents the temperature from falling below +2°C.

In addition to reliable and safe operation, Liebherr also develops its appliances so that they will work efficiently, with minimal maintenance necessary, for many years.