Perfect for professional use

The high-quality workmanship of all components ensures that the appliances can confidently withstand hectic everyday working life. You can place complete trust in Liebherr's professional appliances: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Key benefits

Individually tailored storage conditions

Convection cooling allows the humidity in the refrigerators to be regulated in line with requirements, e.g. a high level of humidity prevents cream cakes from drying out, whereas low humidity protects fondant and chocolate icing against condensation. Appliances in the BKPv and BKv range are therefore perfect as climate controlled storage cabinets for cream-based products.

Protection for delicate bakery products

The special air-ducting system ensures that cold air is not directed straight onto delicate bakery goods, which prevents doughs and other stored items from drying out or crusting over. Appliances in the BKPv and BGPv ranges have visual and acoustic alarms to warn if the door has not been fully closed, providing great reassurance.

High-performance electronics

The digital temperature display indicates the interior temperature to the nearest degree. It can be read from the outside so that the door does not need to be opened to check the temperature, preventing heat exchange with the surrounding environment and reducing energy costs. For enhanced security, the appliance can also be connected to a central alarm system.

Efficient interior layout

The robust interior container is fitted with adjustable L-shaped tray slides. Up to 25 baking trays (standard sizes of 600 x 400 mm and 600 x 800 mm) can be accommodated, depending on the model, so that products can be moved straight from the refrigerator into the oven.

Saving time and energy

Self-closing doors prevent unnecessary loss of cold air, which reduces energy consumption. On some models, an optionally available foot pedal opener can be used to open the door when your hands are full – offering considerable time advantages under professional conditions. The sturdy bar handle integrated into the door makes opening appliances very easy.

Intelligent defrosting function

On appliances with ProfiLine electronics, automatic, demand-responsive hot-gas defrosting occurs, as required. Defrosting is completed in about ten minutes and the process is particularly energy efficient. With NoFrost freezers, chilled circulating air freezes the food and expels any humidity, keeping the freezer ice-free at all times.

Hygienic materials and contouring

The outer housing, made from hygienic stainless steel, is constructed with single-sheet side walls, without any gaps, making it extremely easy-to-clean. Height-adjustable levelling feet provide good floor clearance and facilitate easier cleaning under the appliance. Also, the moulded, chromium-nickel steel inner liner, with large corner radii and a cleaning drain in the liner base, facilitates easy cleaning.

Protection for expensive stocks

Many bakeries also keep stocks of meat and cheese for sandwich sales. Losses quickly become expensive. A robust lock that is separate from the door handle protects refrigerated items against unauthorised access.

Bakery appliances

Reliable refrigeration and freezing: Liebherr professional appliances for bakeries and patisseries offer many sophisticated technical features.