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The new Self Checkout Fridge with payment terminal and inventory management system.

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Chilled drinks and snacks – anytime, anywhere.

With the new Self Checkout Fridge from Liebherr, your products are made available to customers via an easy-to-use payment system. Plus, they’re available around the clock.

Sell your products anywhere, at any time: as a minibar in the hotel lobby, for selling local products in a farm shop, or for the office canteen. The Self Checkout Fridge from Liebherr combines innovative cooling technologies with a contactless, digital payment system, allowing you to sell products and drinks at the perfect temperature, around the clock and without the need for staff.

The Liebherr fridge is equipped with an electronic lock and a smart payment system, which allows you to get the products you want in a few simple steps, and to pay contactlessly.

Maximum efficiency for the operator

The intelligent inventory management system with live stock levels, including push notifications for replenishment planning, ensures efficient operation.

Wide range of applications

Efficient appliance with electronic lock and variable interior design. Access can be set either with or without pre-registration to allow anyone to shop – without the need for permanent staffing.

Smart remote monitoring

Using a cloud solution, the appliance can be monitored anywhere and at any time from a PC/tablet/smartphone. This means that the appliance status and the inventory can be viewed at any time.

Available equipment variants.

The following options are available for both the “Payment via terminal” and “Payment via app” variants:

• Door hinges on the right

• Door hinges on the left

• Side-by-Side connection (SBS)

“Payment via terminal” variant:
Door hinges on the left

“Payment via terminal” variant:
Door hinges on the right

“Payment via terminal” variant:
Side-by-Side connection

“Payment via app” variant:
Door hinges on the left, on the right, or Side-by-Side connection

Payment via terminal

With this variant, the fridge door opens following authorisation using a debit or credit card. Payment for the drinks taken is also made by debit or credit card.

Payment via app

A special app is needed for this. The door opens by scanning the QR code on the glass door of the appliance; payment is made using the payment method stored on the app (PayPal, credit or debit card, NFC chip).

Table is scrollable
  Payment via terminal Payment via app
  • Electronic lock
  • Digital interface
  • Smart touch display with
    voice output
  • Barcode scanner
  • NFC reader
  • Card terminal
  • Receipt printer
  • Electronic lock
  • Digital interface
  • QR code registration
Cloud connection LAN Integrated via mobile network
Payment methods
  • Credit card/debit card
  • PayPal
  • NFC chip
  • Voucher
Payment via app (credit card/debit card, PayPal, voucher)
Accessories Electronic price tags Internal camera

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Energy efficiency

Saving costs and resources.

Robust quality

Reliable and durable appliances.

High sales and productivity

Large product quantities that are presented attractively.

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