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Liebherr extended guarantee
Terms and conditions - UK

Liebherr-Great Britain Limited (Liebherr) provides the owner of this Liebherr refrigerator and/or freezer (appliance) who bought the appliance for the purpose of initial operation with a 24 months guarantee beginning from the handover of the appliance (Liebherr Guarantee) With the Liebherr Guarantee Plus (also referred to as WarrantyPlus), the owner of the appliance acquires a follow-up guarantee according to which Liebherr provides the owner with a further guarantee period as specified in the invoice following the Liebherr Guarantee (Liebherr Guarantee Plus).

I. Scope of Application

The Liebherr Guarantee Plus applies to appliances installed in the United Kingdom.

II. Guarantor

Guarantor is Liebherr-Great Britain Limited, Normandy Lane, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, SG18 8QB (telephone 03330 147 888).

III. Duration and beginning of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus

1. The Liebherr Guarantee Plus is granted for the period as specified on the purchase invoice (guarantee period).
2. The guarantee period begins directly after the expiration of the Liebherr Guarantee.
3. Performance under the Liebherr Guarantee Plus neither renews nor extends the guarantee period.

IV. Preconditions for the Liebherr Guarantee Plus

Liebherr shall provide the Liebherr Guarantee Plus if the following conditions are verifiably met:
1. The appliance was purchased for the first time by Liebherr or a Liebherr authorised seller who is an entrepreneur within the scope of application of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus.
2. The appliance is installed within the scope of application of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus.
3. The proof of purchase is presented to the Liebherr service personnel.
4. The serial number of the appliance matches the Liebherr Customer Service records.
5. The Liebherr Guarantee Plus is not transferable to another appliance, with the exception of the case described in V.3.

V. Content and scope of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus

1. Defects that occur on the appliance during the guarantee period and that are verifiably due to material or manufacturing defects will be remedied free of charge by Liebherr customer service or by the authorised Liebherr customer service centre. In the event of a defect in parts of the interior fittings as well as handles and/or cover panels, Liebherr reserves the right to send to the owner the relevant spare parts free of charge for self-assembly.
2. The Liebherr Guarantee Plus does not cover any claims against Liebherr beyond the remedying of defects. In particular, Liebherr shall not be liable for consequential damages (including but not limited to loss of goods, loss of use or any special, indirect or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses).
3. If the repair is uneconomical or impossible, the owner will receive an identical or comparable new appliance (replacement appliance) against delivery of his defective appliance. In this case, the remaining guarantee period of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus is transferred to the replacement appliance.

VI. Exclusion and expiration of the Liebherr Guarantee Plus

1. Excluded from the Liebherr Guarantee Plus are flaws or defects of the appliance that are attributable to:

  • a) Non-compliance with safety regulations and/or the manufacturer’s installation, operation and/or maintenance instructions.
  • b) Damage resulting from faulty positioning and/or installation, improper use or neglect.
  • c) Damage resulting from external influences and/or any act of God and/or transportation.
  • d) Fitting of non-approved spare parts and/or repairs carried out by parties other than authorised agents of Liebherr.
  • e) Damage to general replacement parts subject to wear and tear e.g. light bulbs or other luminaries, filters, or door seals.
  • f) Cosmetic blemishes e.g. dents and scratches.
  • g) Accidental damage.
  • 2. The Liebherr Guarantee Plus is void if, regardless of who has done so, the tool identification plate or appliance number has been removed, manipulated or obliterated or if parts of foreign origin have been installed in the appliance.

    VII. Limitation Period

    Claims arising from the Liebherr Guarantee Plus due to a defect asserted within the guarantee period shall become time-barred after 6 months. The limitation period begins with the discovery of the defect.

    Last updated: February 2023

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