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Liebherr refrigerators and freezers fit perfectly into any kitchen.

Liebherr refrigerators and freezers fit perfectly into any kitchen.

Whether you're buying a new refrigerator, changing the fronting of your built-in kitchen or installing a new kitchen our extensive range offers an ideal appliance for almost any size niche. This diversity helps you to find the right new appliance for your existing kitchen or opens up many opportunities for integrating a refrigerator or freezer into your newly designed kitchen. Liebherr refrigerators or freezers are fully equipped with practical installation features that enable you to simply and precisely integrate the appliance into your kitchen.

We factory-fit our refrigerators and freezers with the door hinge on the right, but the appliances are designed so that this can be swapped to the left if required, e.g. if a refrigerator is to be installed in a kitchen unit sited on the far left. Height-adjustable feet enable our appliances to be aligned and adapted to uneven floors and varying height requirements, and thus they can be perfectly integrated into any kitchen.

Sturdy transport handles and integrated transport castors facilitate safe handling and enable appliances to be manoeuvred and positioned with minimal effort.

Liebherr appliances can be integrated into kitchens in two ways: by door-on-door installation or by sliding door installation. With the door-on-door system, the kitchen unit and appliance doors are firmly attached; the unit door is directly fastened to the appliance door. With the sliding door system, the unit door is attached to the unit using hinges and fastened to the appliance door using sliding rails so, when opened and closed, the unit door slides along the rails. Switching from a sliding door to a door-on-door system is straightforward and, with regards to appearance, sliding door and door-on-door installations look identical when the appliance is closed.

Four-point attachment enables simple, reliable and precise unit installation and is a standard feature on all Liebherr door-on-door appliances. On models for a niche of 140 cm or higher, height-adjustable positioning feet and levelling bars ensure that the appliances are perfectly positioned without tilt, so that they close optimally.