“Almost too beautiful to want to close it!”

Our new generation of fully integrated appliances not only stands out with technical innovations, but also with its unique, unmistakable design. We are proud to accept the renowned Red Dot Award. Here in Ochsenhausen, we have proven our love of detail once again. The award is a seal of excellent design and a trademark highlighting what makes our quality stand out.

The award

The Red Dot Award dates back to 1954. It is now one of the largest and best-known design competitions in the world. This year, the jury received submissions from a total of 54 countries. All participating products were individually evaluated by an independent and international specialist jury over a period of several days. The international jury only awards the coveted quality seal to products that are clearly distinctive due to their outstanding design.


Fridges are in operation for us 24/7 and are one of our most important technological partners. At first glance, our new fully integrated appliances remain unseen, hidden behind the kitchen panels, and allowing the kitchen design to take centre stage. However, when opened it becomes clear that something very special is concealed within. The expert international jury comprising designers, design professors and trade journalists were also impressed by the timeless and elegant design of the new fully integrated appliance generation. It has allowed us, the specialist in refrigeration and freezing, to create top class design highlights which can be harmoniously integrated into a modern living environment and which become a genuine focal point.

We deliberately avoid fleeting trends for our fully integrated appliances, and instead focus on timeless and sleek design, which is reflected in premium materials such as stainless steel, glass and aluminium. The new design language seamlessly blends into any interior. The interior features elegant glass and stainless steel elements. Precision workmanship completes the overall aesthetic, making every movement a special moment in everyday life.

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