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Environmental impact

We are moving all of our European sites to green energy. Here you can find our corporate policy and the environmental impact pages for each of our refrigeration factories serving the U.K.

Read our corporate environment policy

In 2022, all Liebherr production sites became gold medal winners from EcoVadis. Learn more about our EcoVadis award.

Read our Corporate Responsibility Report (2021)
Read our Corporate Responsibility Factsheet (2019) (PDF, 823 KB)
Visit the Liebherr group corporate responsibility page


Correct disposal of electrical appliances

As electrical appliances contain valuable materials and substances even after use, correct disposal is very important - these materials can be recovered and reused for the production of new electrical appliances. For this reason and in order to prevent possible damage to the environment due to improper disposal, old appliances must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations and laws. By doing this, we can all contribute to protecting the environment and conserving resources.

The symbol of the crossed-out wheelie bin indicates that the appliance must not be disposed of in the general waste or household waste bin. It must be disposed of according to local regulations.

All Liebherr MyStyle appliances come with the opportunity to recycle your old appliance for free. You will be contacted by our team about recycling when you place an order.

Please note that batteries must not be disposed of in domestic waste, as they contain hazardous materials, and can cause a fire risk when disposed of incorrectly. They can be recycled at local battery recycling points, and at recycling centres. Please contact your local council for details about facilities in your area.

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