Preparing a treat for the palate

How long food remains fresh and tasty depends, to a large extent, on the humidity and temperature at which it is stored. And temperature also plays a crucial role in the taste of food when it's eaten. Many foods and drinks only reveal the true essence of their flavour when served at a particular temperature. Cheese is far more flavour-filled when eaten having been brought to room temperature, rather than if it's eaten straight out of the fridge; and wines have preferred serving temperatures, according to their variety.

At Liebherr, we have worked very hard to understand the interplay of temperature and humidity over the years and, having perfected our knowledge, we have incorporated it into our refrigeration technology.

Wine storage at perfect temperatures

Because different wine varieties have different ideal drinking temperatures, aficionados store their wine in multi-temperature wine cabinets. In Liebherr wine cabinets, precise electronic controls ensure that red wine, white wine and champagne are all stored at their ideal ready-to-serve temperature. Liebherr wine storage cabinets maintain constant temperatures and a humidity of about 50 percent to ensure that delicate wines can be stored optimally, and that maturing wines develop successfully over the years.

As a pure, natural product cigars need specialised storage conditions.

As a pure, natural product cigars need specialised storage conditions.

The perfect climate for cigars

For several years now, Liebherr has been applying its expertise to develop and produce humidors. To preserve the full flavour and quality of cigars and to prevent them drying out, aficionados store their precious Cohiba, Montecristo etc. in temperature and humidity controlled environments. Liebherr humidors provide uninterrupted temperatures to create the perfect climate for cigar storage, until the time comes for the cigars to be savoured.

Wine expertise

Carefully cultivated, professionally aged and perfectly temperature-managed: only with precisely the right storage technology can wine be enjoyed to its utmost. Wine expertise

Cigar storage in humidors

Liebherr humidors offer the perfect microclimate, and temperature and humidity can be precisely regulated. Humidor