Refrigerators for the beverage industry

Refrigerators in the beverage industry have to withstand high levels of stress and meet stringent demands. Liebherr focuses on appliance durability and long service life, and this can be seen in its use of the highest quality materials for its refrigeration components and in its development of innovative features and designs. Furthermore, Liebherr appliances are easy to stock and clean, convenient to operate, compact, energy efficient and economical to use.

Drinks are attractively presented on height-adjustable wire shelves. The appliances themselves can be transformed into real eye-catchers with customised branding, company logos or brand-specific images.

In designing Liebherr appliances, great attention is paid to ensuring that they exude elegance and quality. Premium quality, specially finished materials, and stylish form are all characteristic of Liebherr's unique elegance. Thanks to the consistency of our underlying design concepts, Liebherr appliances can be readily combined and always look great.

Key benefits

LED interior lighting with on/off function

The LED interior lighting can be separately switched on or off, is energy efficient, and highlights the products for optimum presentation.

Safe product storage

All appliances come with a door lock fitted as standard to prevent unauthorised access.

Height-adjustable storage shelves

The height-adjustable storage shelves have a load-bearing capacity of up to 60 kg and enable the interior to be flexibly used. They are ideal for all bottle sizes and multi-packs.

Ergonomic bar handle

The sturdy bar handle is designed for intensive use. It is ergonomically positioned and easy-to-clean.

Energy-efficient insulated glass door

The insulated glass door allows a beautiful view of the interior. In addition, it facilitates optimum energy efficiency and helps to showcase products to their best advantage.

Highly effective insulation lowers the appliance’s energy consumption and helps to create a constant temperature throughout the interior.