News | 07/26/2021 Chasing the cold

Refrigeration technology is everywhere: in the home, in supermarkets, in the office, in manufacturing, in museums or in operating theatres,. It provides the latest in precision control; from ambient comfort and fresh food through to cold storage and super-freezing for sensitive, life-saving medical products and vaccines.

Liebherr entered the market for designing and manufacturing refrigerators in 1954

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When it comes to cold, man has always been inventive. Because cold is volatile, it's hard to keep it in. Back in the day, the infamous Emperor Nero sent teams of runners up into the Alps to carry glacier ice to cool his drinks. At some point, cellars were built to protect the ice from the summer heat. It was a long way to the refrigerator in every household and air-conditioned trains, in which Liebherr also played a major role. We tell the story.

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