Premium aesthetics and premium functionality

Liebherr has been developing and producing household appliances for over 60 years – and of course, we have been perfecting technology, design and functionality throughout this entire period. The standards we are committed to, including in terms of design, have increased phenomenally. Refrigerators are far larger than they used to be and nowadays, as freestanding stainless steel appliances, they make an incredible visual statement in any room. In this regard, the refrigerator is now a design object in its own right.

Good design proves itself during use

Anyone who wants a clear, standardised unit frontage will integrate his or her appliances flawlessly into a built-in kitchen. However, good design is not only about what’s on the outside; the inner design and workings are equally as important – and this also holds true for standard classic white refrigerators in less elegant surroundings too. When opening and closing the appliance, and during general use, you will notice that the design, material and workmanship make a difference.

At Liebherr, a robust structure and enjoyment during the course of use are important criteria, which we consider from the first stages of the design development process. Only by meeting these criteria we can create innovative solutions that continue to satisfy our customers worldwide. It is the unified interplay of attractive exterior appearance with impressive interior design and functionality that makes Liebherr refrigerators so special.

Interactive kitchen planner

Will that refrigerator you adore fit into your kitchen? The Liebherr configurator enables you to integrate virtually any of our models into your kitchen layout, and check out how it looks. Liebherr apps