Functional reliability and ease of use

Liebherr refrigerators are known for their reliable functioning, and this is continually underscored by quality testing results, industry awards and satisfied customers. Furthermore, you can count on your Liebherr appliance to be environmental friendly, energy efficient and offer a long service life.

Our own quality standards are high and every refrigerator that passes the Liebherr stress tests is going to have a long life ahead of it! During its lifetime, your Liebherr appliance will save you time and money: it’s quick and easy to clean, it’s particularly hardwearing, and the NoFrost freezer compartment never needs defrosting. You will enjoy using it every single day ¬ whether opening and closing the door or putting items in/taking them out – as the quality is in every detail and it’s really noticeable during daily use. And, not only are our refrigerators full of practical features, they also look amazing!


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