As flexible as your life

Whether it’s everyday life, bank holidays, family parties or weekend gatherings, Liebherr’s versatile refrigerators adapt to your life. Obviously, a refrigerator has to store all the foods you need for your daily meals, but the qualities of a Liebherr refrigerator go far beyond this: the impressive amount of storage space they offer is only truly appreciated in the midst of parties and celebrations, when many guests have to be catered for. At these times, you need to store and chill large amounts of food and drinks but, with your Liebherr fridge, it’s no problem.

The interior is designed for flexible use; its divisible shelf and versatile shelving system can quickly be reconfigured to create space for bulkier items. You can pre-prepare plates and dishes, then chill them ready decorated and ready to serve. Practical technologies help to cool and freeze food quickly – particularly helpful if you need to chill drinks at the last minute. Liebherr’s versatile refrigerators adapt to your life.

Ice and smoothies made easy

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What is the ideal freezer temperature?

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