Freezing works wonders

Freezing food extends its shelf life, but there’s more to it than that: the fresher the food is when placed in the freezer and the quicker it is frozen, the more vitamins and minerals it retains. Shock freezing vegetables, and even meat, preserves the vital nutrient and vitamin content. Freezers are also great for storing the leftovers from family parties and celebrations, and for stockpiling frozen ready-to-eat meals, which are a real life-saver when time is short or you have nothing in the fridge!

Perfect, elegant freezing technology:

No need to defrost with NoFrost

Say goodbye to the time-consuming nuisance of defrosting: with NoFrost technology there is no need to defrost ever again! Your food is frozen using chilled circulating air and any humidity is extracted and expelled. As a result, the freezer compartment remains free from ice and food does not frost over – and you have more time for the important things in life!

Preserve the taste with DuoCooling

Accurate and independent temperature control of the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment of combined appliances is achieved with two completely separate cooling circuits. There is no air exchange between the two compartments. DuoCooling prevents odor transfer and stops stored food from drying out.

SuperFrost – freeze food rapidly yet gently

Save energy by freezing food quickly and gently: the automatic SuperFrost function ensures both. If fish or meat needs to be quickly frozen, SuperFrost delivers maximum refrigeration performance, which is vital for vitamin-preserving freezing. After 65 hours, the SuperFrost function automatically switches back to normal refrigeration mode to save energy.

IceMaker: an endless supply of ice for cold drinks

Quickly made and well stocked: if unexpected guests arrive or if you’re hosting a party, the IceMaker ensures that you always have a plentiful supply of the best quality ice cubes. Whether for thirst-quenching drinks or divine cocktails, you'll always have all the ice you need with the Liebherr IceMaker.

Ice and smoothies made easy

Not seen our smoothie and ice app yet? We supply all the ice you need! Don't miss out – tasty recipes also await! To the ice and smoothie app

What is the ideal freezer temperature?

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