The fridge compartment is the ideal place for storing the following food:

  • Food which will be eaten soon (e.g. preprepared meals, leftovers and flans).
  • Food with a long shelf life (e.g. preserves, jams and marmalades).
  • Food which you prefer to eat not too cold (e.g. yoghurt).
  • Food which is still maturing (e.g. cheese)
  • Goods for defrosting and thawing
  • In the upper area: Fruit and vegetables which are sensitive to the cold (e.g. courgette, cucumber, potatoes and pineapple).

The warmest temperature zone in the fridge is the fridge door. The door racks are therefore home to cans, tubes, drinks as well as spreadable butter and perfectly matured cheeses. Milk, of course, can also be stored here. Raw milk however should be stored in the BioFresh safe.

These foods feel very much at home in your BioFresh safe:

  • Fruit and vegetables (at high humidity)
  • Milk, fish, sausage and meat products (at low humidity)
  • Eggs
  • Food that has already been opened

Enjoy your salad for up to 8 days longer, your fresh strawberries for up to 4 days longer and your tasty beef for up to 6 days longer than when stored in the fridge compartment.

Do you also have a Fish & Seafood Safe (BioFresh-Plus)? Even better!

This is because fish and seafood can be kept here for twice as long as in the fridge compartment For example: Fresh salmon stays fresh for up to 4 days instead of just one.

Do you have a BioCool appliance? Here are our tips for the ideal storage:

  • Meat, sausages, dairy products, eggs and fish belong in the lower temperature zone of your refrigerator
  • Fruit and vegetables will keep fresh for longest in the BioCool box.

Safe freezing of your fresh food is ensured, because all Liebherr appliances have a 4-star freezer compartment. Thanks to the icy cold temperatures of as low as -18 °C, the compartment is therefore ideal for long-term storage over several months.

The freezing zone is therefore ideal in particular for storing frozen food and for making ice cubes.

What if you have no cellar or pantry? In this case, the cellar compartment is definitely right for you.

This is where food is stored that must not be placed in the refrigerator compartment under any circumstances. This includes extremely cold and light-sensitive foods whose ideal storage temperature is above 9°C (e.g. bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, all kinds of tropical fruits, potatoes and onions).

Longer shelf life Longer lasting freshness Greater enjoyment

Your salad keeps fresh for 8 days longer with BioFresh than in a normal temperature zone - carrots and apples will even keep for up to 30 days longer. Where exactly you store your food in the refrigerator is therefore critical. An overview of numerous foods and how long they will keep in the respective temperature range can be found here:

More tips and intelligent support on the subject of food storage is available in our online magazine or in our apps: