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Your smart everyday assistant for shopping, storage and inventory.

HNGRY is your intelligent shopping list app for perfect shopping planning.

With this app, you’ll never forget an item on your list again, and you can easily and efficiently organise all your groceries for the next time you go shopping.

Everything works like a breeze, thanks to intelligent shopping suggestions that are based on your past shopping behaviour and thanks to the automatic sorting feature, which sorts your purchases according to product categories in the supermarket. Another plus point: Thanks to the separate list feature, shopping lists are always up-to-date and individualised to each member of the household, so that double purchases of the same item are a thing of the past.

Better overview

Keep an eye on things at all times and be perfectly prepared: With HNGRY you can always see what you still have in stock at home, how long your groceries will last for and what you are about to run out of.

Less waste

Save groceries from ending up in the bin by making the right purchases and finally end food waste in your household: With HNGRY you not only save time and money, but you also waste less food.

Less stress

Reduce your daily stress level: HNGRY allows you to plan your shopping faster than ever before without wasting any more time or energy in the supermarket or planning what to buy.

Live a healthier, more conscious life

For a balanced lifestyle: Learn more about yourself and your shopping habits and become more aware of the way you consume produce.

Intelligent shopping list

Stop making duplicate purchases and never forget any items again!

HNGRY means that you always have your shopping list with you and you can plan your shopping in a quicker, simpler and more structured manner than ever before! This will save you not only time and money, but also unnecessary stress in your daily life.

  • Plan your shopping in an instant thanks to smart suggestions
  • Share your list with your flatmates, family or friends
  • Stop making duplicate purchases
  • Never forget anything again

Clear food inventory

Keep an eye on your groceries, get helpful information and tips on how to store groceries properly, and waste less food.

  • Create your own personal pantry
  • You can check what you still have in stock at any time and from anywhere
  • Find out the best place to store your products and how long they will last for
  • Learn to store your groceries properly
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