Precision electronics

The new Liebherr supermarket chest freezers can be controlled to a high degree of efficiency thanks to their reliable and precise electronic controls, which guarantee safe and optimum storage conditions during continuous operation. Liebherr has jointly developed these electronics with Wurm, a global leader in the development of supermarket electronics. As always, customers can assuredly trust in Liebherr's renowned quality and experience.

Benefits of the electronic features

Full touch-function of glass display

Easy-to-operate touchscreen electronics on Liebherr's supermarket chest freezers are ergonomically integrated into the rear of the frame, providing an outstandingly clear view of the temperature display. To protect the food from any unauthorised changes to the set parameters, the functions for accurately setting the temperature are only displayed if they have been unlocked via RFID chip by staff with authorised access. The display is also used to control the defrost function, and to switch the interior lighting on/off.

Demand-controlled compressor

An electronic, demand-controlled compressor ensures maximum energy efficiency in the new supermarket chest freezers, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing operating costs. The compressor quickly and optimally adapts to the actual refrigeration requirements in the appliance interior. Two air temperature sensors determine the cooling requirements and control the compressor.


Advanced precision electronics make the Liebherr supermarket chest freezers exceptionally convenient-to-use and very easy to maintain. The temperature within the chest can be continuously remote-monitored via an interface and, in the event of a fault, rapid diagnostics, fault analysis and resolution can take place. The early fault detection system emits an automatic alarm and ensures that failures are quickly identified and rectified, avoiding breaks in the cooling chain and preventing financial losses.

SmartGrid-ready cold storage

In the future, intelligent electricity grids (SmartGrids) will help to reduce power costs; Liebherr supermarket chest freezers are already prepared for this eventuality and are ‘SmartGrid-ready’. Essentially, if surplus energy is available during the day, e.g. via renewable energy sources, appliances will be supplied with the lower cost electricity. When the electricity price is lower, cold reserves can be built up, i.e. the chest freezer will cool to a lower temperature than required, creating a cold buffer that can then be mined when the price of electricity rises again.

Good reasons

There are plenty of good reasons to choose Liebherr: proven quality, long-lasting freshness for stored food, and superb energy efficiency. Why choose Liebherr?