Flexible set-up options

The new Liebherr supermarket chest freezers impress with innovative ideas for professional requirements: the spacious appliances can be used to optimally present frozen products in a clear manner with good visual impact. It is furthermore ensured that, whether as individual appliances or variably combined, the chest freezers can always be optimally tailored to customer requirements.

As an individual appliance, the back of the chest freezer must be positioned against a wall.

When positioned in a row, the backs of the appliances must be against a wall.

The chest freezers can be installed, one behind the other other, as a block of four appliances with their backs facing each other.

When combined as a refrigeration/freezer island, the appliances can be positioned in several different ways. For example, a chest freezer can be placed at right angles across each of the ends as an ‘end piece’.

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