Modern chest freezer design

Liebherr supermarket chest freezers are characterised by great dimensional stability, robust construction and modern design. The brand new 3D PU-spray moulding manufacturing process helps to make the plastic housing highly elastic and durable, and extremely impact and jolt resistant. It is far more resilient than the traditional sheet steel housing.

Revolutionary product technology

As an innovative company, Liebherr is always breaking new ground. Currently, the new 3D PU-spray moulding manufacturing process used for supermarket chest freezers is giving rise to new opportunities and setting new standards – not least with regard to design. This two-component, high-pressure spray process uses polyurethane, which facilitates the manufacture of large components with complex geometries. The key advantage is that this material is light yet extremely stable. It makes the chest freezers more robust, enabling them to keep their pristine visual appearance for far longer, even in a harsh environment like a supermarket.

Unsightly dents caused by shopping trolleys knocking into the chest freezers are no longer an issue, as we do not use sheet steel at all for our chest freezers. The 3D PU-spray moulding process allows for a variety of surface finishes too, which means that Liebherr can fulfil customer-specific design requirements more effectively.

Production site

Liebherr produces around 2.2 million refrigerators and freezers every year, which makes it a market leader in Europe. Almost quarter of these appliances are made in Lienz, Austria. The Lienz site

Liebherr's Lienz plant