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Buyers’ guide

How to find the right fridge for you

Anyone looking for a new fridge or freezer should consider the following three criteria:

Individual or combination appliance?

Consider what you actually need. Do you need lots of space for freezing or would a compartment in the fridge be sufficient?


How flexible are you? Do you live in an apartment where there is only enough space for a small under-counter appliance or can you choose to put the appliance anywhere in your kitchen?

Energy efficiency

Do you intend to keep the appliance for many years to come, in which case it mustn’t be a power guzzler? Then look for a high efficiency rating.

Which type of fridge is right for you?

From one-person households to large families, from fans of freshness to design lovers — whether you’re looking for a freestanding fridge, a fully integrated refrigerator or a combination, we’ll tell you what you need to bear in mind when making the purchase.

Are you planning to buy a new fridge soon? Then familiarise yourself with the most important sales criteria. This will help you understand what to look out for when purchasing an appliance so that you can find the perfect fridge to meet your needs.

Find the right fridge in four steps

A fridge is a long-term purchase; you will no doubt want to use it for many years to come. Avoid typical mistakes made when buying an appliance from the outset and find out how to decide what works best for you and which appliance type you actually need.

1. How big should the fridge be?

Which size fridge can best meet your needs depends primarily on the size of your household. This determines the size including volume in litres. As a rule of thumb, for households with multiple people, you should account for around 60–70 litres per person. If you live in a 2-person household, then a fridge of about 140 litres is perfect; and for 4 persons, around 300 litres. Additionally, your lifestyle also plays a role. If you live alone, go to work every day and only buy groceries once a week for the whole week, the fridge will need to be a bit larger. Special freshness compartments for fruits, vegetables and meat, which extend the shelf life, are perfect in this situation

2. Which fridges are available?

Every household has different needs. It is therefore important to know which is the best type of fridge or freezer for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you place a freestanding appliance anywhere in your kitchen?
  • Are you looking to replace your existing appliance with a new one, meaning the size needs to be the same (e.g. a fully integrated or under-counter appliance)?
  • Do you want to adapt your fridge to changes in your household (e.g. a growing family) so you are looking for a larger appliance?

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a freestanding or fully integrated appliance, opt for an under-counter appliance or even go for a luxurious side-by-side combination.

3. What needs to be taken into account in terms of energy efficiency?

Refrigerators and freezers are in use around the clock and are responsible for up to 15 percent of the electricity bill. That is why more and more consumers are paying attention to the energy efficiency class before making a purchase. An appliance is particularly efficient when it consumes relatively little energy but still offers high performance. Classifications and energy labels such as the EU energy label give information on energy consumption and appliance properties and make it possible to compare appliance efficiency.

4. Where should the appliance be installed?

The actual electrical consumption also depends on the ambient temperature where the appliance is installed. The following rule of thumb applies: The cooler the room temperature, the less electricity the appliance consumes. New fridges and freezers are equipped with functions and signals that help users ensure optimum cooling, even in warmer locations. To make your decision easier, climate classes indicate the optimal location for the fridge or freezer.


More advice on buying

Which type of fridge is right for you?

How to find the right fridge for you. From the appliance type to the fridge style guide all the way through to a unique kitchen design — the checklist contains all the information you need. It makes your decision much easier.

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