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Fridge guide

How to correctly sort groceries and store them at the perfect temperature

Is there really a right and wrong way of organising your fridge?

Yes, there is. Different groceries require different temperatures in order to keep them fresher for longer. Some feel right at home in the cold, others prefer warmer environments. Do you want to create order in your fridge but you’re not sure where to put your groceries next time you go shopping? Then take a look at our fridge tips.

Where do you want to store your groceries?


Fridge cooling zones: Storing groceries correctly

Storing groceries correctly in the fridge means they will stay fresh for much longer. This means a much longer shelf life for your groceries on the one hand, and on the other, the vitamins and nutrients the food contains are also preserved for longer. Fridges are generally cooler at the bottom than at the top. Read on to find out what belongs where.

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Storage area Groceries
Door rack The temperatures in the fridge doors are somewhat higher than in the fridge compartment. This is the ideal place to store preserves, dressings, ketchup, cans and tubes. Cheese and butter can also be stored here just before they are eaten. In the long term, however, cheese and butter should be stored in the BioFresh compartment.
Fridge compartment The fridge compartment should ideally be set to 5 degrees. Opened jars such as pickled vegetables or preprepared meals are stored here. As these are usually stored in larger containers (pots, bowls, cans), this the best place to keep them.
BioFresh safe The BioFresh compartment is set to 0°C with variable humidity. This is the ideal storage area for virtually all foodstuffs. Fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, sausages, fish and dairy products can be stored here up to nine times longer than in the classic fridge compartment. BioFresh also preserves important vitamins, nutrients and flavours.
Our tip: Tropical fruit (e.g. bananas, pineapples) do not belong in the BioFresh safe. These grow in different climatic conditions and therefore need to be stored in warmer temperatures.

The perfect use of cooling zones: Our fridges

Our fridges not only offer you a wide range of options in terms of design, but the different interior details also give you a completely different refrigeration experience at home. All models have innovative functions to keep your food fresh for a very long time. So you have more time for the really important things in life.


Groceries in the freezer

Most fridges have a freezer compartment, larger fridges are usually combination appliances consisting of a fridge and freezer compartment with several individual compartments. Freezers are used to store frozen food or foods that need to be frozen. If you have a fridge with a freezer compartment, take note of the refrigeration performance, which is usually indicated by stars.

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Storage area Temperature Foodstuff
1 star at least -6 degrees for the short-term storage of frozen foods, storage time up to 1 week
2 stars at least -12 degrees medium-term storage of frozen foods, storage time up to 3 weeks
3 stars at least -18 degrees long-term storage of frozen foods, storage time up to several months depending on the product
4 stars -18 degrees and lower for freezing foodstuffs and for long-term storage of frozen foods, storage time varies from 2-12 months

Freezing food correctly — thanks to innovative technology

Whether a chest freezer for the garage of a detached house or a freezer for the small kitchen of a city apartment: We have freezers for your every need. All models are characterised by innovative technologies and high energy efficiency.

For wine lovers

Visits from friends or a quiet evening at home are perfect occasions to open a nice bottle of wine. For crafted, aged wines to unfold their fullest potential, they need to be handled properly. Maximum enjoyment can only be achieved if they are stored under ideal conditions and at precisely the right temperature.

Wine cooling

The flavours in the wine can best develop in bottles chilled at a constant temperature between 10°C and 12°C.


Humidity above 50 percent keeps the cork intact, ensuring that the bottle remains sealed tight and the wine protected.

Wine fridges

A wine fridge creates constant storage conditions and is therefore the optimal environment for the maturing process in the wine bottle.

More about storing groceries

What needs to be stored at what temperature?

Under the motto of “Cool right – enjoy to the max”, the grocery cooling guide is the perfect reference for everyday life. Which freezing technologies are particularly energy-efficient? Which groceries belong where? And what’s the best way to defrost your freezer?

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Distribution in the fridge: Sorting groceries perfectly

The best tips and info at a glance: Storing groceries in the right place. Where to store what? Useful aids for proper storage. Special: Wine storage – turning passion into pleasure

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