Information pursuant to Article 33 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)

Article 33 stipulates that any supplier of an article must inform its client if the said article contains a ‘substance of very high concern’ (SVHC) in a concentration greater than 0.1% weight by weight. The SVHC are published in the ‘candidate list’, which is updated twice a year and can be freely accessed at:

Aside from the following exceptions (see download on the right), we have, to the best of our knowledge, succeeded in manufacturing our products without the use of any critical substances.

If the appliances in question are used as intended and disposed of properly, the substances contained therein do not pose any risk to health or to the environment. There are no risks to users or food.

Our appliances, accessories, spare parts and product packaging are free from all other substances that appear in the candidate list, which are subject to the disclosure requirement.