Appliances with BioFresh

Refrigerators with BioFresh technology offer plenty of storage space and ideal storage conditions for all types of food. BioFresh uses specifically tailored humidity to keep fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, and dairy products fresh for far longer. BioFresh-Plus introduces even greater flexibility as the safe temperature can be specifically set to the required degree, and so the safe can accommodate the broadest range of food types.

Liebherr offers both built-in and freestanding refrigerators with innovative BioFresh technology.

Fridge-freezers with BioFresh

Liebherr's BioFresh fridge-freezers offer double benefits by combining innovative refrigeration concepts that deliver long-lasting freshness with the latest energy-efficient freezing technologies. Many of our fridge-freezers not only boast BioFresh freshness technology but also feature SmartFrost and NoFrost. These freezing functions protect the appliance interior and stored foods from excessive frosting, meaning that defrosting is required far less often with SmartFrost, and not at all with NoFrost.

Choose from a wide range of built-in and freestanding fridge-freezers.

Side-by-side fridge-freezers with BioFresh

Liebherr side-by-side fridge-freezers are ideal for storing larger quantities of nutritious foods. These appliances offer an impressive amount of space and many innovative technologies, and are characterised by their exclusive design and impressively high level of convenience. The elegant MagicEye control system with its LCD display and graphical temperature indicator prevents any deviation from the selected temperature.

Side-by-side appliances are available as exclusive freestanding appliances or as built-in models.