A place for every type of food

People's tastes vary and therefore, people have different refrigeration needs, for example, people who don't eat meat or dairy products need more space for fruit, vegetables and salad. But, whether you're a vegetarian or a steak lover, Liebherr's BioFresh refrigerators offer plenty of highly versatile storage space, which can be used however you want.

Arrange your refrigerator according to your needs

The BioFresh drawers have a highly practical design that enables you to keep stored produce organised, making it easier to view and find items. These spacious drawers, open with great ease as they are set upon telescopic rails, and being transparent they conveniently facilitate the sorting and viewing of stored items. Meanwhile, in the refrigeration compartment, a variety of innovative shelving and storage solutions mean there is ample of space to keep food that does not have specific humidity requirements. Features such as the bottle shelf and VarioBoxes promote order within the refrigerator.

Saves food

To store food optimally, you need to have a clear overview of and quick access to the things that you're looking for. Good interior organisation makes shopping easier as a quick look in the fridge will immediately tell you what you've run out of, so you can shop more specifically. It also prevents food being hidden out of sight, forgotten about and going off. BioFresh helps you to sustainably manage your food storage in two ways: food stays fresh for far longer and you can optimise your stocks with less waste.


In developing its refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr pays a lot of attention to customer needs so that appliances are convenient to use and make everyday life easier. Convenient functions