Retaining vitamins and flavour

Simple dishes, made from great fresh ingredients, offer culinary pleasure with little effort.

Simple dishes, made from great fresh ingredients, offer culinary pleasure with little effort.

A colourful, aromatic, wild herb salad served with crusty bread and a little olive oil... eating healthy, vitamin-packed foods like this stimulates your body and soul, and such fresh, high-quality delights can be enjoyed with very little preparation time and effort. Liebherr has developed innovative refrigeration technologies that help food to retain its taste, appearance and valuable nutrients for much longer, cooling it delicately and keeping it fresh.

Functions and features for perfect storage

Setting temperature and humidity

The length of time for which food remains tasty, aromatic and full of vitamins largely depends on the humidity and temperature conditions under which it's stored. In regard to this, meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables all have very different storage requirements. BioFresh appliances offer up to three compartments, each of which acts like a customised climate zone, to offer optimum storage conditions for different types of food. For even greater flexibility, the temperature and humidity in the BioFresh-Plus compartment can be separately controlled.

A storage cellar in the refrigerator

The cellar compartment offers perfect storage for food that's too cold in the refrigerator but too warm in the kitchen cupboard.

This split-level compartment provides plenty of space for foods such as butter, potatoes and onions, as well as items such as bottles. The cellar compartment temperature is regulated separately from that of the refrigerator compartment, and can be set to between +4°C and +14°C.

Restoring the cold chain

Whether your wild herb salad remains crisp and tasty the next day depends, not least, upon the length of time for which the cold chain is interrupted. Particularly sensitive food, such as fruit and leafy green vegetables, should be refrigerated as soon as possible after you have brought them home. Liebherr PowerCooling helps with this by creating even temperatures throughout the appliance, enabling freshly stored items to be chilled quickly. To prevent interior coldness being lost, a door contact switch switches off the fan when the door is opened, which also saves valuable energy.

Greater freshness through independently controlled refrigerator and freezer compartments

DuoCooling offers two separate cooling circuits, which not only means that the compartment temperatures can be set separately, but also means that there is no air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The latter prevents odours transferring from one compartment to the other and prevents food in the refrigerator becoming dried out through contact with cold air from the freezer. With DuoCooling food retains its appealing appearance, texture and untainted taste.

Not all Liebherr appliances have all the features mentioned.


The film shows the benefits and functions of DuoCooling technology.

Two separately controlled cooling circuits – the film shows how DuoCooling technology works. Watch the video

The film shows the benefits and functions of DuoCooling technology.

Food storage

BioFresh technology achieves the optimal interplay of temperature and humidity, which allows even sensitive foods to retain their flavour and vitamins for longer. Food storage with BioFresh