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Efficient cooling that doesn't cost the earth.

You concentrate on the best ingredients and we’ll take care of everything else.

Our refrigeration appliances rank consistently in the top positions. And not just in matters of energy efficiency

Our efficiency champions are genuine all-rounders. Besides low energy consumption, they also impress with a low noise level, plenty of space for groceries, a long service life, decent power reserves, optimal space utilisation and absolute reliability in daily use.


When it comes to efficiency we’re therefore focused on multiple factors at once, not just one. All elements of our appliances are sensibly and harmoniously coordinated in order to achieve optimum results for aspects such as efficiency, sustainability, convenience and cost.

It is now easier to distinguish efficient from inefficient appliances.

With the new energy label for fridges and freezers with a direct sales function, introduced 1 March 2021.

According to the new EU regulation, the energy efficiency of all fridges and freezers with a direct sales function must be indicated after 1 March. This is done by means of a new label that will assist with the purchasing decision. The appliances are rated on a scale of A to G, depending on efficiency. The mandatory data to be included on the label vary for the following product groups: upright bottle coolers, ice cream chest freezers and cooling appliances for supermarkets. This means there are different versions of the new label.

Incidentally, storage cabinets have been subject to mandatory labelling since 1 July 2019. And one more thing: laboratory appliances and medication fridges are excluded from the mandatory labelling rule.


High efficiency. This is how economical a Liebherr can be.

You can find out how efficient our appliances are using the online tool from the EU-financed projects LABEL2020 and BELT. At this site you can view and compare the electricity consumption and lots of other product data for electrical appliances. The calculator also takes account of local electricity prices and shows the costs for the entire period of use. The comparison shows that a Liebherr is worth it!

Efficiency check

Discover our most efficient co-worker.

Our refrigerators use very little electricity. It's no surprise therefore that many Liebherr appliances fall comfortably within the most economical energy efficiency classes. This efficiency has two advantages: It protects the environment. And reduces the electricity bill. The low consumption levels have no impact on the cooling: your groceries stay fresh for a reliably long time. Medication and other sensitive substances are stored safely.

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