Freeze to preserve

Even if you enjoy going to the market to buy fresh food, the chances are – you don’t have time to do it every day. What’s more, through our smart freezing techniques, you can store fresh food longer as well as prepare and freeze ingredients and meals to save time down the track.

Make everything from broths, soups, spice pastes and mixtures, to entire meat dishes – and then freeze them – to lock in their vitamins, nutrients and flavour! When stored in your Liebherr freezer, they’ll be standing by and ready when you want them! In addition to this, our Liebherr fridges come with quick and easy IceMakers, too!

Cooking Tip! To defrost frozen food in a manner that ensures it maintains its integrity, place them in the cooling area the evening before you need them.

Signature Liebherr freezer innovations

Never defrost again

Liebherr‘s “NoFrost“ system allows for rapid, frost-free freezing so you never have to defrost freezer again! Our unique NoFrost technology utilises fans to circulate the chilled air; this ensures the food is frozen evenly as well as eliminates moisture in the air. Without moisture in the compartment, there is no chance for ice to form!

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Fast and plentiful

With certain Liebherr fridges, you won’t have to start preparing ice cube trays days in advance for that special dinner or party! With an IceMaker that’s directly plumbed-in or connected to a water-tank, you’ll be able to get the amount of ice cubes you need, instantly and “on demand“!

Easy release ice

Our specially designed TwistTray allows you to dispense ice cubes without them sticking together or losing their form. Because it’s so easy to use, you’ll get consistent, perfectly formed ice cubes each and every time!

For those Liebherr fridge owners who get their IceMaker plumbed-in (3/4“ connectcion required), you’ll be able to creat up to 1.5kg* of perfectly formed ice cubes within 24 hours* ready and waiting for you! *Dependent upon model

With water tank

The 1.5 litre water tank solution is the ideal alternative if you’re unable to have your IceMaker plumbed-in. It’s easy to use and replenish, as well as remove and clean – and provides those lovely cooling ice cubes whenever you need them!

Ice and smoothies made easy

Not seen our smoothie and ice app yet? We supply all the ice you need! Don't miss out – tasty recipes also await! To the ice and smoothie app

What is the ideal freezer temperature?

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