Exclusive ‘tropicalised’ storage solutions

Making meals with extremely fresh ingredients is key when you want both the nutritional value and flavour intensity to come through in what you’ve prepared. This is especially true when creating meals that incorporate raw or fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables or meats. But when improperly stored, those valuable characteristics (of nutrition, freshness, texture, and flavour) can become easily compromised with each day that passes.

Thankfully, Liebherr fridges have been ‘tropicalised’ to suit hot and humid regions which prove challenging for long-term food storage. With our clever ‘food group’ areas, as well as smart storage compartments and containers – you can customise the settings to specifically suit all the unique food your family enjoys. Furthermore, our advanced technology not only extends the life of your fresh food, but it locks in flavour, too!

How to store sophisticated food

When taste and quality – as well as your health – matters to you, then Liebherr provides the ultimate storage solution: BioFresh. When stored in one of our BioFresh drawers, our precision technology kicks in to ensure the temperature maintains itself at just above 0°C. BioFresh technology has proven to extend the life of food much longer than a conventional refrigerator; that includes everything from exotic fruit to delicate seafood.

Given the delicate nature of fish and seafood, the ideal storage temperature is just below freezing. This is where the benefit of our independently operated BioFresh-Plus drawers come in! When you bring home fresh fish and seafood items, simply adjust the upper drawer settings to allow the temperature to be lowered and maintained to -2°C. Then place your items in for effective, long-term storage.

When living in more tropical or humid areas, it’s vital your refrigerator can withstand the harsh fluctuations of the weather. Liebherr has specifically engineered settings that ‘tropicalise’ our refrigerators to endure high humidity and intense heat – without compromising in efficiency. Furthermore, the unbecoming condensation that occurs as a result of the drastic variance between a refrigerator’s interior temperature and exterior warmth is completely omitted in Liebherr fridges. Liebherr fridges internally offset their own heat through intelligent front and side panels. Add to that, this delicate balancing act is highly energy efficient – so your energy usage remains unchanged!

Liebherr fridges aren’t just visually beautiful, skillfully crafted, and incredibly effective in storing your food – but they’re also extremely energy efficient in comparison to their counterparts. This efficiency is a direct result of our superior ‘Variable Capacity Compressor’ (VCC) which allows them to perform perfectly, regardless of how mild or extreme the weather is.

Always freshly stored with BioFresh

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