Functional, reliable and easy to handle

Our quality standards outshine and outperform any conventional refrigerator or freezer – and we have our high standards and superior workmanship to thank for this! From long term rigorous testing, challenging certification standards, and meeting the needs of our loyal customers – Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are always found to function just as they should, be reliable no matter where they are, and are highly durable.

What’s more, they’re easy and fast to clean, hard-wearing and self-defrosting. In addition to these brilliant attributes, Liebherr fridges’ environmental considerations and energy efficiency score favourably among our industry standards as well.

Through our thoughtful research and development, each Liebherr fridge and freezer produces less energy waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions than their industry counterparts. Your ecological considerations are backed up by our continuous improvement to help conserve energy.

Liebherr doors don’t ‘slam’ because of our unique SoftSystem which is integrated within the door cushions. This allows the doors to gently open and close, even if the door storage is completely loaded with items. And when at an approximate angle of 45°, the doors will close automatically for you.

While our GlassLine components add a level of distinction to the overall interior, it’s made from SafetyGlass, making it simultaneously elegant, durable and safe.

Providing exceptional quality in everything we do is part and parcel of the Liebherr name, even down to the smallest detail: your ice cube’s water filter. Our integrated water filtration and replacement system (which alerts you when it’s time to replace the filter), ensures your ice cubes will be perfectly formed with crystal clear, refreshing water – every time.


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