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In the Vinothek multi-temperature wine cabinets temperatures can be set to between +5°C and +7°C in the lower section of the cabinet and to between +16°C and +18°C in the upper section. Temperature stratification or layering then occurs between these zones. The precise electronic control system has a digital temperature display and enables simple operation.

Vinothek multi-temperature wine cabinets

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WTb 4212 Vinothek Wine chiller

  • Gross capacity, total 427 l
  • Product dimensions (H/W/D) 165 / 60.0 / 73.9 cm
  • Energy consumption in 24h 0.460 kWh / 24h
  • Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles 200
  • Temperature zones 6
  • Individual temperature zones 1
  • Multi-temperature wine cabinets

    Vinothek multi-temperature wine cabinets are particularly suitable for keeping different wines at their respective optimum drinking temperature. Specific temperature zones are achieved through the use of special components.In the upper area, for example, red wine can be cooled at +18°C. At a temperature of +5 °C, the bottom zone is ideal for cooling sparkling wine or champagne. The zone in between is ideal for white wines which should be stored at drinking temperature.

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