More time to enjoy the finer things in life

Taking the children to school, going to work, doing the shopping, washing clothes: everyday life certainly keeps us busy! To save time at home, many people are now using intelligent technologies to help them with some of the work.

Liebherr's goal is to develop appliances that are simple and convenient to use - ones that make everyday life easier for you. Our refrigerators and freezers are renowned for their high quality, efficiency technologies and ingenious features.

Just think of our NoFrost system, which uses circulating air to prevent frozen food from frosting over so there's no need for manual defrosting, saving you energy, time and effort. A host of practical features help you to store food in a space-efficient manner and to easily clean and care for your refrigerator. Furthermore, our appliances are designed in such a way that you can flexibly plan your kitchen; they can be installed with great precision and transported with ease.


Liebherr refrigerators and freezers maintain long-lasting food freshness through the use of innovative technologies. Features that provide greater enjoyment