Timeless elegance meets pure enjoyment – temperature-controlled wine storage from Liebherr

It’s always good to have a bottle of wine at the ready in case friends drop by unexpectedly. To fully develop its flavor a wine needs to be stored under perfect climatic conditions; and, to be ready to serve and enjoy, wine has to be at the right drinking temperature. Liebherr wine storage and multi-temperature wine cabinets enable your exclusive and favorite wines to develop their taste potential to the full.

Multi-temperature wine cabinets for ready-to-enjoy wine

Wine requires a number of factors to develop its optimal flavor. Multi-temperature wine cabinets from the Vinothek range are particularly ideal for storing different types of wine at their respective ideal serving temperatures. Special refrigeration components make it possible to create targeted temperature stratification within the cabinet. Red wine can be stored in the upper section, whilst the lower section is perfect for sparkling wine or champagne. The section in the middle is ideal for white wines to be stored at serving temperature.

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Wine storage cabinets – optimum maturity for perfect enjoyment

Wine storage cabinets offer similar storage conditions to wine cellars. A constant, electronically controlled temperature is maintained throughout the interior so that wine storage cabinets are ideal for the long-term storage and ageing of wine. Thanks to flexible temperature adjustment, they can also be used to store a larger selection of wines at the perfect serving temperature.

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Winemaking is an exacting art that requires a great deal of care and professionalism. The film documents the processes involved and explains why a Liebherr wine cabinet is the best place to store your beloved wines. Watch video