You know a Liebherr when you see it

While we apply a “form follows function” process in the technological design of our products – our design team know how to pull that function into visually striking aesthetics. While Liebherr designers are a crucial part of the actual product development, we never design something just for the sake of designing it.

Liebherr Designer, Jan Ctvrtnik, explains that "design should never be self-purpose, it should give products an identity and make them unique. Each specific product function should be supported by design elements."

It’s this ‘form complements function’ belief that makes Liebherr fridges so unique and instantly identifiable. When you have one of our beautiful appliances in your home, they’re recognisable and synonymous with sophistication and class.

Our design inspiration

We have over 60 years of experience creating elegant yet durable appliances, so when it comes to design inspiration – “we march to the beat of our own drum“. Our designers embrace the technological advances from our development team and then turn them into practical yet beautiful appliances. As part of our entire design process, we don’t believe that form and function are separate – but instead, like two sides to a coin – we believe form and function are unique components of the same thing.

Moving forward

No matter where you are around the globe, cooking at home is no longer a viewed as a chore. Creating chef-quality food has become, not only a cause for personal enjoyment, but a core reason to entertain friends and family. This means we have to continue to innovate and create in order to provide you with the best storage options for your ingredients, but in the most design-savvy way. Because of that forward thinking, our timeless designs always smoothly transition through fads and trends, making your Liebherr a piece you will always be proud of!


To achieve the highest quality, Liebherr checks the reliability and functionality of every technical component and every design, from the development stage onwards. Quality down to the last detail