Introducing Chest Freezers. The Perfect Solution for Large Household.

Liebherr premium-quality chest freezers are the perfect solution for families that require ample storage space for frozen foods.

German-engineered SuperFrost technology rapidly freezes fresh groceries while retaining nutrients, ensuring the best for you and your loved ones.

With our energy saving technology, you also get to enjoy savings off your electric bill!

Experience innovative freshness technology with Liebherr!

Generous volume combined with low energy consumption.

Liebherr chest freezers store food under optimum conditions. StopFrost technology significantly reduces ice build-up in the freezer compartment and on frozen goods, so that defrosting is required far less often. The energy-saving LED lighting illuminates the interior perfectly. Click on the icons below to discover more about innovative Liebherr features.

  • Less Ice Build-up with StopFrost. Less Ice Build-up with StopFrost.

    Exclusive StopFrost function by Liebherr minimises ice build-up in the chest freezer and its contents, substantially reducing the number of times defrosting is required. Additionally this technology prevents a vacuum from building up inside the chest freezer, ensuring that the lid opens easily.

  • Low Vibration, Quieter Operation. Low Vibration, Quieter Operation.

    In Liebherr consumer chest freezers, the heat-exchange condenser is embedded in foam along the exterior wall to minimise vibration and promote quieter operation. No condensation forms on the exterior walls and replaceable door seal, making the appliance easy to maintain.

  • Clear Illumination. Clear Illumination.

    A bright LED interior light provides a clear view of all your stored products even in low ambient lighting conditions. Our onepiece chest freezer lid and body is coated to ensure an excellent finish resilience and to prevent corrosion.

  • Digital Control with Alarm. Digital Control with Alarm.

    Freezer settings can be easily toggled via the elegant digital electronic control. To protect against food spoilage, an audible and visual alarm ensures that the freezer lid is securely shut at all times while a child-lock feature protects the appliance from being accidentally switched off.

  • Rapid Freezing to Retain Nutrients. Rapid Freezing to Retain Nutrients.

    SuperFrost rapidly reduces temperature to freeze fresh meat and produce while retaining their nutrients. Once groceries are fully frozen, this automated function switches back to normal mode to lower energy consumption, with a freezing range of -28°C to -14°C.

  • More Energy Efficient. More Energy Efficient.

    To bring more savings to your energy bill and as part of Liebherr’s sustainability efforts, our chest freezers are equipped with inverters, making our appliances more energy efficient while operating more quietly.

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