The future of refrigeration and freezing

Liebherr BluPerformance: cutting edge refrigeration technology for maximum convenience.

Liebherr BluPerformance: cutting edge refrigeration technology for maximum convenience.

All the best parties end up in the kitchen! That being the case, nothing could prepare you better for the next time you welcome in guests than Liebherr's very latest generation of BluPerformance refrigerators! Appliances in the BluPerformance range offer maximum refrigeration performance so you can optimally store your food and quickly chill your drinks. All refrigeration functions can be simply and intuitively selected using convenient touchscreen controls. And, with the SmartDevice-Box, you can even control your refrigerator whilst out and about, and chill things down nicely before you get home.

Optimum refrigeration, lower energy consumption

BluPerformance is a quantum leap in terms of energy efficiency. All BluPerformance appliances fall into energy efficiency classes A+++ or A+++/-20%. The latter are 20% more energy efficient than appliances in the highest designated energy efficiency class to date, A+++. What this means is that you can enjoy fresher food and lower energy consumption at the same time.

More space for your food

What makes the new generation appliances particularly special is that all the innovative refrigeration technology has been integrated into the appliance plinth (or base) and, as a result, the appliances offer far greater net capacity whilst remaining the same size overall. This means that there is noticeably more space for your food and drinks.

However, BluPerformance appliances are not only more energy efficient - they also operate much more quietly, making them the perfect refrigeration partner.


You too can benefit from the many advantages offered by our new generation BluPerformance appliances – a whole new dimension in freshness.


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